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  • Zugravi Full Time

    HSJOBS PERSONALSERV Baden-Württemberg, Germania 1650 EURO

    Conditii oferite: -Salariul lunar incepand cu 1550\1650 euro NET pentru 8\h pe zi,posibilitate ore suplimentare platite extra. -Cazare GRATUITA -Contract ...

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  • Instalatori Full Time

    HSJOBS PERSONALSERV Baden Würtemberg 1650 EURO

    Conditii oferite: – Salariu lunar incepand (in funtie de experienta si calificare) cu 1650€ Netto pentru 8h\zi + ore suplimentare ...

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  • Electricieni /santier Full Time

    HSJOBS PERSONAL SERV Baden-Württemberg, Germania 1750 EURO - 1800 EURO

    – CAZARE GRATUITA – Asigurare medicala –Contract de munca in Germania,totalmente legal (semnat si in limba romana) Cerinte: – Experienta ...

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